Section Operations Council

The Section Operations Council (SOC) supports membership activities for ASNT that stimulate growth and strengthen the Society. The Council’s work involves developing guidance documents, programs and activities to improve the operations and management of chartered sections, to encourage participation of the section members in local and Society activities, and represent section interests on the Society’s Operations Committee and Board of Directors.

The SOC’s objectives are to support the mission of ASNT. Each of the Council’s undertakings are aimed and guided by the mission and strategic plan objectives.

Section Operations Council Members

(elected chair and vice-chair)

Brenda Collins - Chair
Jocelyn Langlois - Division Chair
David Mitchell, Sr - Division Chair
Yi-Cheng Pan - Division Chair
Lisa Price - Division Chair
David Bajula
Stephan Ballard
Marwan Basrawi
William Briody
N David Campbell, Jr
Joseph Clasen
Mark Dahn
Cindy Finley
Jerry Fulin
Joaquin Gutierrez
Ahmed Hassen
Richard Hooper
Brad Hoskins
John Kinsey
James Knowles
Michael McGloin
C Deal Moore
John Moran
Raymond Morasse
Ricky Morgan
Lawrence Mullins, Sr
Charles Nelson, II
Mark Ormrod
John Pariseau
Emery Roberts
David Savoy
John Sellers
Jason Slonaker
Gian Suazo
Hossein Taheri
William Via, Jr
Jeffrey Wagner
Michael White
Jessica Ames - Ex-Officio
Heather Cowles - Ex-Officio
Debbie Segor - Ex-Officio
Kevin Smith - Ex-Officio
Patricia White - Ex-Officio