ASNT Policies and Positions

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Policy Rev. Policy Title Date Published
Part I Organization
O-3 B Code of Ethics for Members of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing 24 Mar 1995
O-6 A Conflict of Interest/Duality Policy 08 Jul 2015
O-7 A Prohibition on Harassment 23 Jul 2017
Part II Bylaws
Bylaws Bylaws Bylaws of The American Society for Nondestructive Testing 02 Nov 2017
Part III Job Description
J-3 E ASNT Board of Directors Job Description 27 Oct 2016
J-4.1 G ASNT Chairperson of the Board 27 Oct 2016
J-4.2 E ASNT President 18 Mar 2012
J-4.3 E ASNT Vice President 18 Mar 2012
J-4.4 E ASNT Secretary/Treasurer 19 Mar 2015
J-4.6 E ASNT Executive Director 18 Mar 2012
J-4.7 Issued ASNT Immediate Past Chairperson of the Board 12 Mar 2017
J-5.1 H ASNT Executive Committee 01 Jan 2006
J-5.3 E Governance Committee 14 Nov 2008
J-5.4 B Exhibitors Committee 02 May 2017
J-5.8 D Publications Review Committee 02 May 2017
J-5.10 G Business & Finance Committee 25 Jan 2018
J-5.11 H ASNT Board of Directors Selection Committee 02 May 2017
J-5.14 C ASNT Oversight Committee 10 Jun 2005
J-5.16 B Joint Council Committee 02 May 2017
J-5.17 G Past Presidents Committee 23 Jun 2017
J-5.18 G ASNT Standards Policy 25 Jan 2018
J-5.19 Issued ASNT Operations Committee 03 Feb 2006
J-5.20 Issued Audit Committee 03 Feb 2006
Part IV Activities
A-1 F National Conference Guidelines for Conference Official and Host ASNT Sections 27 Oct 2016
A-3 B Society Meetings Policy 14 Nov 2008
A-4 B Policy Governing National Conference Site Selection 03 Jan 2011
A-5 C Non-Financial Co-Sponsorship 02 May 2017
A-6 Issued Registration Fee Policy 07 Aug 1987
A-7 C Organizing Topical Conferences & Revenue Sharing Policy 02 May 2017
Part V Financial
F-1 L Finance Policy 25 Jan 2018
F-11 Issued Section Leader Training Travel and Lodging Assistance Grant 25 Jan 2018
F-2 H Investment Policy 25 Jan 2018
F-5 Issued ASNT Memorial Scholarship Fund 08 Aug 1986
F-9 Issued Policy on the Process for Determining Compensation 20 Mar 2009
F-10 A ASNT Reserves Policy 12 Mar 2017
Part VI General Procedures
G-1 F Secretary/Treasurer Nominating Procedure 11 Jun 2010
G-3 E Candidate Employer Support for ASNT Officers and Board 02 May 2017
G-6 C Publication Policy 02 May 2017
G-8 C Editorial & Advertising Policies for ASNT's Official Publications 02 May 2017
G-9 B Attendance at Board of Directors and Operations Committee Meetings 30 Mar 2017
G-10 A ASNT Copyright Policy 02 May 2017
G-11 A Employment Recruitment Practices at National Sanctioned ASNT Meetings 19 Jul 1991
G-14 E Use of the ASNT Name and ASNT Marks 25 Jan 2018
G-16 Q Requisite Travel & Expense Policy 23 Jun 2017
G-18 B ASNT Spokesperson Policy 02 May 2017
G-23 B Production of General Nondestructive Testing Technical Publications 02 May 2017
G-28 D Board Policy Guidelines 14 Apr 2016
G-32 D Amenity Policy for Council Officers, Division Chairs and Committee Chairs 27 Oct 2016
G-35 Issued Writing and Approving Standards, Recommended Practices and Codes 18 Oct 1998
G-36 A ANSI/ASNT CP-105 - ASNT Standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel 10 Jul 2014
G-37 B Regional Director Travel Policy 02 May 2017
G-41 A ASNT Awards Programs Guidelines 27 Oct 2016
Part VII Councils
M-1 G Section Operations Council Rules of Conduct 27 Oct 2016
N-1 J Certification Management Council Rules of Conduct 29 Oct 2015
R-1 F Research Council Rules of Conduct 27 Oct 2016
TE-1 D Technical & Education Council Rules of Conduct 27 Oct 2016
Part VIII Positions
P-1 A Position Papers 27 Oct 2016
PP#1 Issued Position Paper on ASNT Participation in Development of Procedural Specifications 01 Jun 1974
PP#7 Issued ASNT Position Paper on Writing and Approving Standards, Recommended Practices, and Codes 01 Mar 1996
PP#8 Issued ASNT Position on ASNT Level III Certification 01 Jul 1996
PP#9 Issued ASNT Position Paper on International Standards Development 14 Jul 2000
PP#10 Issued ASNT Position Paper on NDT Personnel Certification 27 Jun 2010