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This Positions Wanted list corresponds to the monthly listing printed in Materials Evaluation. This is a free service for ASNT members. To have your qualifications given in one or both of these lists, contact the Associate Editor of Materials Evaluation at (800) 222-2768 x205 or (614) 274-6003 X205 or e-mail tkervina@asnt.org.  Web listings will remain online for 90 days unless withdrawn by the submitter.

Employers may contact the Associate Editor at tkervina@asnt.org to reply to the Position Wanted postings in this Web site or those in the journal.  The Associate Editor will forward the employer's contact information to the member who placed the Position Wanted listing. It is the member who initiates further contact with the employer.

Graduate metallurgy engineer with 10+ years’ experience in the inspection field.  ASNT NDT Level II in VT, PT, MT, UT, and RT certification from ASNT; Level II in RT ISO 9712. Inspection of pressure vessels, oil and gas projects, steam boilers, and storage tanks. Looking for suitable opportunities in the NDT field and metallurgical engineering.  Reply to Dept. 11-02-16

Mechanical engineer with master’s degree in nondestructive testing.  Nearly five years of experience in fabrication, oil and gas, and heavy machinery as well as quality and NDT engineer, both in UAE and India. ASNT NDT Level III in UT, RT, MT, and ET and certified CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector.  Reply to Dept. 11-01-16

ASNT NDT Level II certificate in radiographic testing with M.S. in physics engineering having two years' experience in QA/QC and NDT services.  Looking for position as a radiographer.  Reply to Dept. 09-03-16

Diploma in mechanical engineering with 11 years’ experience in the NDT field.  ASNT NDT Level III in RT, UT, MT, and PT; PCN Level 2 in RTFI, UT 3.1, 3.2, MT, and PT; and ASNT NDT Level II in VT. Sorting by working for leading organization in the field of pipeline boiler and pressure vessels, refineries, and cross-country pipelines. Currently looking for suitable opportunities in the NDT field.  Reply to Dept. 09-02-16

Graduate mechanical engineer with 15+ years’ experience in the inspection field.  ASNT NDT Level III in MT, API-510 certification from American Petroleum Institute, Level II in radiographic testing, Level I in ultrasonic testing, and CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) welding inspector, basic Level in vibration analysis.  Reply to Dept. 09-01-16

Ocean Corp. graduate seeking entry-level position as NDT personnel.  NDT diploma (Level I/II hours in UT, MT, PT, ET, VT, RT), higher national diploma in electronics engineering, and associate’s degree in applied arts and sciences. Willing to relocate and/or travel for position.  Reply to Dept. 08-04-16

ASNT NDT Level III with 22 years of experience in aviation, general industry, manufacturing, and maintenance.  ASNT NDT Level III in MT, PT, UT, RT, and ET. Also ACCP Professional Level III in MT, PT, and RT. Experience includes: consultancy; preparation of proposals, reports; development of procedures and techniques; and training and examination of NDT personnel. Currently based in South Africa, willing to relocate worldwide. Looking for suitable opportunities in the NDT field.  Reply to Dept. 08-03-16

Mechanical engineer with 17 years of industry experience seeking immediate employment.  Certified ASNT NDT Level III certified in MT and UT and Level II in RT, PT, and VT. Currently employed in U.S. on work permit (H1B visa needs to be transferred).  Reply to Dept. 08-02-16

Seeking employment in MT as a Level II.  More than five years’ experience in MT. Looking for full-time work in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Willing to travel for temporary contract positions.  Reply to Dept. 08-01-16

Aerospace NDT engineer with 18 years of experience as an ASNT NDT Level III in MT, UT, and IR. PCN Level 3 in UT; PCN Level 2 in PT, MT, ET, and UT; ASNT NDT Level II in PT, MT, ET, UT, and RT.  EN 4179 Level 2 in IRT and FAA airframe license. Wide experience in aerospace and cross-country pipelines. Looking for suitable opportunities in the NDT field.  Reply to Dept. 06-02-16

ASNT NDT Level III in MT, UT, VT, RT, ET, and PT as well as PCN Level II in UT (3.1, 3.2, 3.8, 3.9), MT, PT, and RTFI.  MT, PT, and RTFI. Bachelor of engineering degree in the mechanical field. More than four years’ experience in QA/QC in welding and NDT services—ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, radiographic testing, visual testing, and eddy current sorting by working for leading organizations in the field of pipelines, boilers and pressure vessels, refineries, and automotive industrial units. Currently looking for suitable opportunities in the NDT field.  Reply to Dept. 06-01-16

Senior metallurgical engineer (B.S.) with over 30 years of experience in different industries and 22 years in NDT (especially advanced NDT), inspection, and QC/QA.  Valid ASNT NDT Level III in UT, PT, and Level II in ET. Experience includes: supplying consultancy and NDT Level III services (procedure preparation, auditing, training of NDT personnel); preparation of bids, proposals, and reports; development of specifications and procedures; management of complex multitask projects including NDT, inspection, RBI, FFS, AIM, design, and fabrication teams. Made automatic ultrasonic and magnetic test machines for manufacturing line of CNG cylinders.  Reply to Dept. 05-02-16

Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in inspection, training, quality control, conventional and advanced NDT, and API inspections.  B. Tech (mechanical engineering), Radiation Safety Officer from KACST (Saudi Arabia), ASNT NDT Level III (VT, UT, RT, MT, PT, ET, LT, IR, AE, ML, and NR), and Lifetime Member of ASNT. Certified to American Petroleum Institute API 510, API 570, API 653, API 580, API 577, API 936, and API 571. Willing to travel for contractual assignments.  Reply to Dept. 05-01-16