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This Positions Wanted list corresponds to the monthly listing printed in Materials Evaluation. This is a free service for ASNT members. To have your qualifications given in one or both of these lists, contact the Associate Editor of Materials Evaluation at (800) 222-2768 x245 or (614) 274-6003 X245 or e-mail hcowans@asnt.org.  Web listings will remain online for 90 days unless withdrawn by the submitter.

Employers may contact the Associate Editor at hcowans@asnt.org to reply to the Position Wanted postings in this Web site or those in the journal.  The Associate Editor will forward the employer's contact information to the member who placed the Position Wanted listing. It is the member who initiates further contact with the employer.

Mechanical Engineering graduate with ACCP Professional Level III in UT and RT is looking for a position in QA/QC, inspection, or production. Has P.Eng registration in Canada and experience in fabrication and QA of petroleum equipment in different countries. Has exposure to pressure vessels engineering and aerospace manufacturing, as well. Currently in India but willing to work in the North Americas, Europe or Australia. Reply to Dept. 07-02-18

18-year graduate of the "Welding Engineering Technologyā€¯ program at SAIT in Calgary, Canada, and ASNT Level III in multiple disciplines (UT, MT, PT and VT) is interested in providing: Training and Certification, Subcontract Consulting, Third Party Witness, and/or QA/QC. Could be interested in full time employment given the right circumstances. Has worldwide experience, including USA, Canada, China, and Central and South America. Reply to Dept. 07-01-18

ASNT NDT Level II (RT, UT, AE, PT, MT, VT, ET, RTFI, UT TKY, LT, VA, IR, MFL IRIS, RFET, UTM ). Looking for position in QA/QC, OCTG inspection, or as a QC NDT coordinator. More than ten years’ experience in various oil refinery and petrochemical fields, including OCTG drilling inspection (LWD, Dumb Iron, MWD, API 5CT, API 5B, API 5L, API 5A5, API 6A, API RP7G, API SPEC-7, DS-1Experience, Wellhead Equipment Christmas tree Equipment Inspection API 6A API Spec. 6A). Saudi Aramco-approved QC NDT coordinator. Reply to Dept. 06-01-18

National University Polytechnic Institute, Commercial Diving graduate with specialty training in ASNT VT II, MP II, PT II, and UT II seeks advanced entry level position. Applicant positioned for relocation. Reply to Dept. 04-01-18