February 2017

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February 2017

Snooze or Lose: Update your ASNT Microsite

Snooze or Lose Update your ASNT Microsite_060514UsingOutdatedOrAmatuerishWebsiteDesignWillChaseCustomersAway_jpg

At the request of section leaders, ISC developed section microsites so that sections would have a web presence to promote meetings, events, and keep in touch with their members and potential members. Most people search for information online; therefore, having a presence on the Web provides information to your current section and prospective members.

Microsites were first issued to sections in May 2015, and since then, 35 sections have been issued a website. Several webinars have been scheduled over the years to demonstrate to section volunteers how to access their administrative pages, populate and update their sites with information and see other section’s website examples. 

According to Net Market Share, the number of people using internet search engines is increasing year on year and is almost unfathomable. At 6,586,013,574 searches a day worldwide, which in “word-terms” equates to six billion, five hundred eighty-six million, thirteen thousand, five hundred and seventy four.

What is the impression left when a user lands on a unpopulated or outdated website? Investing in your section’s websites means investing in your section.

After a recent review of the 35 microsites we’ve found more than half of them are out of date with little to no information and no photos. Additional demonstration webinars will be scheduled in March. Dates and times for these webinars will be published via the Section Leaders Connection on ASNT Community. In the meantime, if you are ready to make updates need instructions, please contact Debbie Segor at dsegor@asnt.org.

Recruiter Kits

Whos Next Recruiter Kits_Whos Next Design_jpg

ASNT officially kicked off the Who's Next? recruitment campaign on November 1, 2016. Active sections should have received recruiter kits and distributed them to members. We are pretty excited about the campaign and would love to hear what you think about the baseball cards that highlight ASNT past and present. 

Take a picture showing you and your favorite card and email it to dsegor@asnt.org. We will post the photo on the Section Leaders Connection page in ASNT Community. We encourage you to get creative. The first volunteer to submit a photo will receive an ASNT 75th Anniversary Cookbook. Prizes will also be awarded for creativity and to the member living the farthest away from Columbus, OH. 

Regional Director Elections

Regional Director (RD) candidate nominations for odd numbered Regions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 & 19 are being sought through March 1st.  So far, nominations for Regions 1, 5, 15, 19 and 21 have been received. If you are a current RD and want to renew for another 2-year term, please email Debbie Segor (dsegor@asnt.org) and let her know.

Candidate eligibility criteria can be found at asnt.org/rdnomination.

Make sure your Section has the support and representation it deserves by nominating (or re-nominating) RD candidates today! Please submit names of the eligible members in your area by e-mail to Debbie Segor dsegor@asnt.org by Wednesday, 1 March 2017.

2017 Regional Planning Meetings

2017 Regional Planning Meetings_RPM17 No TAG _002_png

Dates and locations for the 2017 Regional Planning Meetings (RPMs) are almost set! RPMs occur on opposite years of Section Leaders Conference (SLC) and are your opportunity to network with fellow section leaders, share best practices and learn tips for managing an effective section. RPMs will take place in:

  • Region 19 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - April 8th
  • Region 12 - Chicago, IL - May 6th
  • Region 15 - Las Vegas, NV - May 20th
  • Regions 3 & 4 - Richmond, VA - June TBD

There is no registration fee to attend this section leader training. Traditionally, sections covers their leader’s travel and lodging expenses. Check with your section's treasurer to see if your section has budgeted to send leaders to a 2017 RPM.


Meet Local Section Leaders in Jacksonville

If you are attending the 26th ASNT Research Symposium in Jacksonville, FL 13 – 16 March 2017, make sure that you make time to attend the Meet Local Section Leaders event scheduled on Tuesday, March 14th from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm. This Section Operations Council-sponsored event provides members and section leaders the opportunity to meet and exchange information about NDT activities going on in their local areas.

Engineers Week - February 19th - 25th

During the week of February 19 - 25, the engineering community celebrates Engineers Week which promotes the difference engineers make in our world. 

If your section is participating in a Discover-e Engineers Week activity, we would like to know about it. Please send us pictures or use social media to link to ASNT's social media outlets. ASNT’s social media handle is @ASNTinfo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn if you want to tag or mention ASNT and have it show on our page. To create more buzz, use these hashtags (using more than one increases reach):#ASNT and #NDT.

If you have any questions regarding social media, please contact Dana Sims, Public Relations and Brand Manager, at dsims@asnt.org.

Let's Talk Communication, Regional Directors!

The best way to communicate to your section members is to use the ASNT online Section Management Tool. You can use the tool to send emails to your section and to print a section roster. Because the tool is linked to the ISC’s member database, your emails will be sent to the most current roster of section members.

Regional Directors (RD) also can use the tool to send emails to their sections. RDs can send emails to either section leaders or to section leaders and section members. RDs can configure the recipient list by sections within their region. RDs can opt to send an email to all sections within their region or to any combination of sections within the region. The list of available sections is limited to those affiliated to the RDs particular region.

Submit Section News for Publication in Materials Evaluation

Earn President’s Award points by submitting a meeting summary and photographs for Section News. Submit news and photos to presaward@asnt.org.

section operations council

Brenda Collins

David Mitchell, Sr.

Lisa Price

Jocelyn Langlois

Mark Dahn

Yi-Cheng “Peter” Pan

William F. Via, Jr.

We want you to actively participate in our council which meets in person at the Annual Conference and Research Symposium.

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