January 2017

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January 2017

Board Member Visits

In addition to your technical speakers, remember to invite members of the ASNT Board of directors to speak at one of your meetings. Inviting a member of the Board to visit your section provides national perspective, the latest ASNT news and offers a forum for dialog between local and national influencers.

Please contact Debbie Segor at dsegor@asnt.org if your section is interested in scheduling a visit. These visits are coordinated through Debbie to ensure fairness to all sections requesting visits.

Nominating Committee

2017 may have just begun, but it is time to start thinking about and planning for section elections for the 2017 – 2018 section year. Reviewing your section’s bylaws is the first place to begin. Your bylaws should serve as a guide to your section’s officer election process. If your bylaws are current, which means that your section is no longer using the old constitution and bylaws format, the bylaws will contain a paragraph about member voting and the procedures for candidate nominations.

Some bylaws may require the appointment of a nominating committee of which the bylaws will indicate who should serve on the committee. The bylaws may also specify the month in which the nominating committee should be presented to the section members and which month the election should take place.

To recruit new officer candidates, begin to speak with the membership about the election process now. Formulate a plan for current board officers to speak to individual volunteers with whom they could mentor to take a leadership position within the section. ASNT is always looking for hardworking volunteers with local section experience to move up to council and committee work within the Society.

If your section is still using a constitution and bylaws governing document, please contact Debbie Segor at dsegor@asnt.org to request a copy of the current bylaws template. 

Who’s Next? Membership Campaign

Whos Next Membership Campaign_Whos Next Design_jpg

Section chairs, or if a section has a membership director, will soon be receiving the 2016 – 2017 Who’s Next? membership campaign kit. The kit will contain campaign materials, i.e., brochures, conversation starters, applications, and pens for distribution to section members to recruit new members. We encourage chairs and membership directors to explain the importance of sustaining and expanding your section’s membership. If you’re planning a recruitment kick-off at an upcoming meeting and want to recognize section members who participated in the last campaign, email Debbie Segor at dsegor@asnt.org for a list of recruiter names. 

Recruiters will be recognized and rewarded for their participation in the campaign. Sections will also receive a mini portable LED projector when their section reaches its assigned recruiter goal. 

Get your section involved and encourage section members to help build a better ASNT. Campaign details and rules are available at www.asnt.org/whosnext.

In the meantime as you wait for the kit to arrive, visit the campaign’s webpage at www.anst.org/whosnext for recruiting tips and more.

Are You A STEM Genius?

STEM Ideas_STEM Graphic_jpg

As you may have read in previous issues of Materials Evaluation or the member eNewsletters, ASNT conducts Day of Stem workshops for local students and teachers in cities where national ASNT conferences are hosted. These STEM workshops are designed to provide a fun introduction to NDT and NDT methods by providing hands-on experiments and demonstrations to show how NDT relates to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curricula. For most students who have attended one of these workshops, it was the first time they had ever heard of NDT.

You can help add impact to these STEM workshops by sharing your ideas for hands-on experiments that teach or demonstrate NDT methods and discipline. Some hands-on demos we use now include:

  • Doppler Effect (UT) – Students connected a buzzer and placed it inside of a nerf ball and when the ball is thrown across the room or from student to student, the Doppler Effect can be heard.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) – Using magnetic particles and a yoke, students were shown a flaw on a metal part that isn’t visible to the naked eye.  Students handle the magnetic particles themselves using magnetic boards to see magnetic fields first hand.
  • Indirect Measurement of Height (UT) – Using a laser pointer, measuring tape, and the Pythagorean Theorem, students were shown how to measure items that are too large to measure in general (a building for example).
  • Eddy Current – Eddy Current was demonstrated using slides made of different conductors and nickel magnets.
  • Leak Testing – Leak Testing was demonstrated with a small piping system that had flaws that weren’t visible until the pipes were placed under water and bubbles appeared. They also had a small rubber tire that the students placed into water to find a puncture.
  • UT – UT was demonstrated via a portable UT unit and materials to show thickness and defect standards. An Ultraprobe was used to amplify sounds that were inaudible to the human ear.
  • Infrared Testing (IR) – IR was demonstrated using an IR camera to show students how heat flows through objects.

If you have an idea for a new experiment or lab or suggestions for improving an existing one listed above, please contact Program Coordinator, Jessica VanDervort at jvandervort@asnt.org.

Accepting Award Nominations Now

Do you know members deserving of recognition for their contributions to NDT or the Society? If yes, nominate them for an ASNT recognition, honor or award today! Submission deadlines are fast approaching. Visit www.asnt.org/Awards for submission timeline, eligibility requirements and to nominate. 

Submit an Article to The NDT Technician

Share your stories and insights into the NDT profession by submitting a paper to The NDT Technician. Published quarterly, The NDT Technician focuses on NDT practitioners engaged in field applications of NDT. Typical themes include interpretation skills, methodology, problem-solving procedures for everyday challenges, practical applications with data and results, and technology trends. 

Not sure what to write about? Many of the presentations conducted at Section meetings would make great features. We will work with you on crafting a quality article that speaks to TNT readers.

Contributors to The NDT Technician earn three ASNT recertification points per published paper (1000 word min.). To receive credit, the individual must have contributed at least 10 percent of the content of the paper.

Please contact TNT Editor Haley Cowans, at hcowans@asnt.org, to submit or with any questions.

By The Numbers

20 Sections budgeted to send volunteers to a 2017 Regional Planning Meeting (RPM); the average amounted budgeted was $1500.00. At the 2015 RPM, 23 section leaders attended the meeting held in Las Vegas, NV.

We are busy planning the 2017 RPMs to take place in late April and early to mid May in the following cities:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Richmond, VA

More information will be available in the next few weeks.

section operations council

Brenda Collins

David Mitchell, Sr.

Lisa Price

Jocelyn Langlois

Mark Dahn

Yi-Cheng “Peter” Pan

William F. Via, Jr.

We want you to actively participate in our council which meets in person at the Annual Conference and Research Symposium.

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