November 2016

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November 2016

Section Outreach Resources

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If your section is conducting section outreach by visiting schools to spread the word about NDT, don’t forget that the ASNT International Service Center (ISC) can send your section brochures and ASNT-logoed giveaways to distribute to your audience. ISC has a variety of brochures, DVDs and giveaways for audiences including elementary, middle, and high-school students as well as college students. For more information, please contact Debbie Segor at

Use of ASNT Logos and Marks

To better assist sections and section leaders, ISC asks that sections be mindful of the use of the ASNT logos and marks. ASNT has a registered trademark, and the ASNT Board Policy G-14C explains the permissible uses of ASNT’s name and marks.

Each ASNT section may use the letter combination “ASNT”, the name “The American Society for Nondestructive Testing,” and the three-globe logo having the letters “ASNT” on their publications to section members and in connection with the promotion and conduct of ASNT events and ASNT branded activities which the section sponsors and which are in the nature of education, dissemination of ASNT published information, and professional development and for its official business related to these events and activities. 

Section Logos

Sections are encouraged to create visual identities through the use of approved section logos. The section’s name should be incorporated into the section logo; however, the ASNT logo should not be included in any part of a section’s logo. Creative derivations of ASNT corporate marks also are not permitted including color changes, resizing, skewing proportions, embellishing, etc. If your section does not have a section logo, please contact Debbie Segor (

Email and Social Media

When sending section emails or using a section’s social media platform(s), the use of the letter combination “ASNT” in naming conventions without section identification is not permitted.

Examples of allowed naming conventions (not inclusive of all acceptable variations):

Email formal name: ASNT Arizona Section or ASNT Arizona

Social media: @ASNTArizona, @ASNTAZ, @ASNTArizSect


Examples of naming conventions not allowed:

Email formal name: ASNT

Social media: @ASNT

The Society bestows on its officers, its structure, its sections, and the ISC, the use of the Society name and logo on stationery, letterhead and banners when conducting official Society business. Sections are not authorized to use ASNT ISC’s street address, the Society’s name or logo except as specified in BOD Policy G-14C.

For questions regarding the permissible use of ASNT name and marks, please contact Dana Sims, Public Relations and Brand Manager (

Section Meeting Attendance

Section leaders, ISC would like to know who is attending your section meetings, i.e., how many students are attending vs. Level 2s vs. Level 3s vs. educators vs. retired members. Use this survey form to enter the information for your September, October and November meetings. We appreciate your help in keeping track of section meeting attendance.  

Who’s Next? ASNT Membership Campaign Begins.

Whos Next ASNT Membership Campaign Begins_WNweb_jpg

ASNT’s membership campaign – Who’s Next? – officially began on 1 November 2016 and runs through 31 October 2017. We need our members help to answer the question, “Who’s Next?” With our members serving as recruiters, ASNT continues to grow each year expanding membership across the globe. An expanding membership strengthens sections by increasing the pool of volunteers needed to serve on committees or to work in a leadership capacity. New members bring fresh ideas, passion and enrich section and ASNT programs.  

ASNT Section’s play a vital role in new member recruitment efforts. Your sections help make personal connections and put a face on ASNT. Sponsoring members who recruit new members win great prizes too. And this year, sections have the opportunity to earn a prize - a mini-led projector - when meeting their recruiter goal.

Campaign materials will be sent to sections in early December. For campaign details and rules, please visit

Regional Director Elections for Odd-Numbered Regions

We are now accepting Regional Director (RD) candidate nominations for odd-numbered Regions. If you are a current member with local section officer experience, then you are an ideal candidate and should apply. For more information about RD responsibilities, qualifications and how to apply, please visit

Make sure your Section has the support and representation it deserves by electing (or re-electing) RD candidates today! Please submit names of the eligible members in your area by e-mail to Debbie Segor ( by Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Member Privacy

Updates were made to the Report of Officers form to reflect the change in the Section Management Tool. Each section can designate two (2) officers who can send out emails via the section management tool and one (1) officer who can print the section roster to be used as a sign-in sheet for section meetings.

The ASNT Section Management Tool was designed with our members’ privacy in mind, email addresses are not visible to members. Protecting the personal information of our members is important, and information included in the roster should not be disclosed.

For those sections who produce a print or online yearbook, please be sure to get section member’s permission to list their name in the yearbook. Section members should be sent an email enabling them to opt out if they do not want their name included in the yearbook.

Become a Peer Reviewer

Materials Evaluation and NDTMarketplace can always use volunteer reviewers to look at feature and technical papers for technical accuracy and relevance. Reviewers should be Level III subject-matter experts. Recertification points are available for reviewing papers. 

As a peer reviewer, you would use your expertise to:

  • Review text and figures for accuracy
  • Review text for completeness
  • Identify areas for improving content
  • Take quizzes and tests to ensure answers are correct and questions are worded appropriately
  • Provide corrections and recommendations to the Publications Department 

For more information, contact Haley Cowans, M.E. Associate Editor, NDTMarketplace Products Editor,, (800) 222-2768 x245

Accepting Award Nominations Now

Deadlines are fast approaching for the Outstanding Paper in Materials Evaluation Award and the Outstanding Paper in Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Award. Submissions for each of these awards is 31 January 2017.

ASNT Awards with December deadlines include the Faculty Grant and the Student Travel Grant. The Faculty Grant provides an annual incentive to faculty members in engineering programs to revise their existing course(s) or to develop new courses to teach nondestructive testing and evaluation by providing financial resources for this purpose. Requests for grants up to $10,000 are considered.

The Student Travel Grant provides an annual incentive to full-time students, graduate or undergraduate, enrolled at a four-year university with ABET accreditation to attend the ASNT Spring Research Symposium. The Faculty Grant is due on 01 December and the Student Travel Grant is due on 15 December.

For eligibility and submission requirements for each of these awards and grants, please visit

section operations council

Brenda Collins

David Mitchell, Sr.

Lisa Price

Jocelyn Langlois

Mark Dahn

Yi-Cheng “Peter” Pan

William F. Via, Jr.

We want you to actively participate in our council which meets in person at the Annual Conference and Research Symposium.

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This publication is written for active or interested volunteer section leaders. The content within is intended to inform and inspire volunteer sections leaders. Published opinion and statements do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ASNT. ASNT logos included within this publication are trademark protected and may not be reproduced nor used without permission by The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. Sharing and forwarding of this publication is welcome and encouraged.

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