Welcome to the Shanghai Section!


中国无损检测学会与美国无损检测学会于1997年签订姐妹学会合作协议以来,开展了很多工作,相互之间活动频繁,建立友好关系,增进了相互之间的了解,为进一步发展两学会之间的牢固关系,经过两学会的不断沟通和互访,决定在上海建立美国无损检测学会的上海分部,此分部是美国无损检测学会在东亚地区的第一个分部,也为今后更好的举办ASNT III级人员考试班工作打下了扎实的基础。同时也方便了我国国内已取得ASNT3的证书的人员参加相关会议、培训等活动。并且分部将组织参加东亚地区举行的有关ASNT会议、资格认证、学术交流以及相关展览的活动等,也为ASNT 3级证书5年延期提供较大的便利。美国无损检测学会的上海分部成立后,将积极争取早日建立ASNT 2级和ACCP的培训和考试基地,希望广大ASNT的会员、我国无损检测人员、无损检测设备制造厂商、检测机构以及专家学者加入到这个组织成为我们的个人会员或团体会员,为今后分部的发展群策群力,使我们的分部办成充满活力,受益于我国越来越多的国内无损检测人员。

A lot has been done since ChsNDT and ASNT sign off the cooperation agreement in 1997.The establishment of friendly relations and the frequent exchanges between the two societies have laid a solid foundation for future mutual understanding, therefore decide to hold a ASNT Shanghai Section, the Shanghai Section is the first section in far east of Asia. This give all ASNT China members a good opportunity to attend relevant meeting and training, and benefit for ASNT Level 3 holder to renew their certificates, ASNT Shanghai Section will dedicate to develop ASNT ACCP examination and training program in China. We welcome all ASNT members, guests, equipment manufacturers, NDT technicians or experts, engineering and Inspection Company, and professor to our section to grow up together.