The MFL Compendium: Articles on Magnetic Flux Leakage

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The MFL Compendium: Articles on Magnetic Flux Leakage is a compilation of technical articles on magnetic flux leakage (MFL) drawn from ASNT’s monthly journal Materials Evaluation. The content offers real-world and laboratory-tested insight into the field of MFL. Students will find this publication to be an invaluable tool toward building an understanding of MFL while the seasoned technician will find the guide to be a useful reference document. The Compendium is one of the references used in the development of the ASNT NDT Level III examination for magnetic flux leakage and it is also cited as a training reference in the 2011 edition of ANSI/ASNT American National Standard CP-105.

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  • Published: 2010
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More Accurate Localized Wire Rope Testing Based on Hall Sensor Array

by Yinni Cao, Donglai Zhang, Chao Wang and Dianguo Xu

Electromagnetic NDT Techniques — A 40 Year Retrospective or Retirement for Cause

by William Lord

Shape Enhancement of Magnetic Flux Leakage Signals: Industrial Implementation

by J. Etcheverry, A. Nicolini, A. Pignotti, G. Sánchez and P. Stickar

Use of the Finite Element Method in Simulation and Visualization of Electromagnetic Nondestructive Testing Applications

by David C. Carpenter

Monte Carlo Simulation of False Alarms and Detection Reliability in Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection of Steel Tubes

by Eduardo Altschuler, Alberto Pignotti, and Jonas Paiuk

Magnetic Flux Leakage as Applied to Aboveground Storage Tank Floor Inspections

by David M. Amos

Computerized Operational Control of an Electromagnetic Wire Rope Tester

by Lorant B. Geller, K. Leung, and F. Kitzinger

Simple Explanation of the Theory of the Total Magnetic Flux Method for the Measurement of Ferromagnetic Cross Sections

by Roderick K. Stanley

Combining Eddy Current and Magnetic Flux Leakage for Tank Floor Inspection

by Zhongqing You and David Bauer

Electromagnetic Inspection: Wall Loss and Flaw Location in Oil Country

by C. Wade Eden

Total-Flux Magnetic Method for Inspection of Installed Ferromagnetic Tubing

by James G. Kirkwood and Roderic K. Stanley

Test Rigs for Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection Tools for Pipelines

by David D. Mackintosh, David L. Atherton, Patrick C. Porter, and Albert Teitsma

History and Development of Rail Flaw Detector Cars

by Walter R. Keevil

Flux Leakage Testing Applied to Operational Pipelines

by R. W. E. Shannon and L. Jackson

Electromagnetic Wire Rope Inspection in Germany, 1925–40

by Herbert R. Weischedel

The Origins of Electromagnetic Testing

by Robert C. McMaster

SAM Inspection Systems for Oil Country Tubular Goods

by T. Shiraiwa, T. Hiroshima, T. Hirota, and T. Sakamoto

The Nondestructive Inspection of Tubings for Discontinuities and Wall Thickness Using Electromagnetic Test Methods (Part 1)

by Friedrich Forster

The Nondestructive Inspection of Tubings for Discontinuities and Wall Thickness Using Electromagnetic Test Methods (Part 2)

by Friedrich Forster

Industrial Evaluation of Search Coil Flaw Detection Techniques

by C. H. Hastings and G. A. Darcy, Physicists