Employer-Based Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Accreditation - How Much Does It Cost?

1-day audits (Single Site 1 and Multi-Site 1) are $3,875.00, 2-day audits (Multi-Site 2) are $4,725.00, and variable audits (Multi-Site Variable) are quoted by ASNT.  See the EBC application for additional information.

Accreditation - How Long?

Accreditation frequency is three years.

ASNT Assessors - Who Are They?

Assessors are credentialed individuals possessing ASNT Level III certifications in NDT, experienced and skilled at conducting external assessments on NDT personnel certification programs. Assessors are independent contractors that meet the requirements as defined by the ASNT EBC procedures.

ASNT Technical Staff – Who Are They?

Assessment programs within ASNT are controlled by ASNT Certification Services LLC. This team comprises of technical staff holding ASNT Level III certifications, experienced and skilled at conducting external assessments, with at least 25 years of experience in the engineering world. They also hold experience in various accreditation programs such as ISO9001, AS9100, ISO17021, ISO17024 and ISO17025.

ASNT EBC Review Panel – Who Are They?

The review panel comprises of three individuals who perform an overcheck to verify all the requirements have been satisfied in accordance with the EBC procedures. These individuals are ASNT assessors but not associated with the company or the specific assessment that was conducted. It is imperative to keep a level of separation to ensure a fair and valid assessment is conducted for all companies that seek such an accreditation.

Procedures - Where Are They Located?

The procedures for the program are accessible via link from the EBC main page.

For further information, email ebc@asnt.org