IRRSP Examinations

Exam Types

ASNT offers a Radioactive Materials (RAM, Gamma) examination, an X-ray Technologies examination, and a Combination exam, which covers the bodies of knowledge for both exams. Candidates who fail to complete the written examination successfully may reapply and must resubmit an updated application accompanied by the required fee. Personnel that fail three examination attempts in a one-year period must provide written documentation of 20 hours of additional radiation safety training as determined by the candidate's radiation safety officer (RSO), and must wait at least six months before reexamining.

Topical Outline

Each examination is three hours in length, totaling 100 questions relating to the topical areas outlined below. A score of 70% or better is necessary for passing.

This outline and the IRRSP Radiation Safety Examination comply with the requirements of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as set forth in Title 10, Part 34, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

All questions have been validated through recognized psychometric procedures, and all examination results are analyzed using psychometric procedures. These practices yield equivalent examinations even though they may have some questions with slightly different content. Up to 20% of the examination items (questions) may be “provisional” questions that do not count towards the examinee’s examination score but are included to develop statistical data. These items are included as part of ASNT’s efforts for continuous examination improvement in accordance with industry-accepted psychometric principles.

  • Fundamentals of Radiation Safety
    • Types of Radiation
    • Origin of Radiation and Interaction with Matter
  • Exposure and Effects
    • Radiation Exposure
    • Biological Effects of Exposure
  • Controlling Exposure
    • Distance
    • Shielding
    • Time
  • Radiation Detection
    • Radiation Survey Instruments
    • Survey Requirements/Techniques
    • Personnel Monitoring Devices
  • Radiographic Equipment
    • Exposure Devices (RAM/X-ray) and Collimators
    • Source Changers and Storage Containers
    • Daily/Quarterly Inspections
    • RAM Inventory, Leak Tests, Repairs, and Tagging
  • Regulations
    • Definitions
    • Licensing/Registration Requirements
    • Notices, Reports and Records
    • Labeling, Boundaries and Posting
    • Maximum Allowable Doses
    • Personnel Training Requirements
    • Transportation Requirements
    • Surveys and Monitoring
    • Exposure Equipment and Storage Requirements
  • Operating/Emergency Procedures
    • Site/Installation Requirements
    • Operating Procedures
    • Handling/Securing of Sources
    • Personnel Responsibilities

Practical Examination

Both the written examination and the practical examination(s) where applicable must be successfully completed to be considered for ASNT certification. The written and practical examinations appropriate for the category of radiation-producing equipment must be successfully completed within six months of each other. ASNT IRRSP certification will not be conferred until all examination requirements have been fulfilled.


Examination Results

Personnel that fail an examination will be sent an analysis sheet showing the percentage of questions missed in each major category of the body of knowledge for that examination. Personnel that successfully complete all qualification examinations and that have submitted all other required documentation will be sent an IRRSP digital badge showing the applicable radiographic techniques but will not receive an analysis sheet.