NDT Level III Examinations

Basic and Method Exams

ASNT NDT Level III certification candidates are required to pass both the NDT Basic and a method examination in order to receive the ASNT NDT Level III certificate.

Exam Specifications

The table below lists the number of questions and time allowed for each exam. Clicking on an exam will take you to an abbreviated topical outline and reference page for that exam. For the full topical outlines and complete list of references, see the topical outlines listed in the American National Standard ANSI/ASNT CP-105, Standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel.

Exam No. of Items* Time Certification
NDT Basic
Nondestructive Testing
135 4 hrs Required for ASNT NDT Level III Certification
Electromagnetic Testing
135 4 hrs NDT only
Infrared/Thermal Testing
90 2 hrs NDT only 
Leak Testing
135 4 hrs NDT only
Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing
90 2 hrs NDT only
Magnetic Particle Testing
90 2 hrs NDT and ACCP
Neutron Radiographic Testing
135 4 hrs NDT only
Liquid Penetrant Testing
90 2 hrs NDT and ACCP
Radiographic Testing
135 4 hrs NDT and ACCP
Ultrasonic Testing
135 4 hrs NDT and ACCP
Visual Testing
90 2 hrs NDT and ACCP
* Up to 20% of the examination items (questions) may be “provisional” questions that do not count towards the examinee’s examination score but are included to develop statistical data. These items are included as part of ASNT’s efforts for continuous examination improvement in accordance with industry-accepted psychometric principles. The number of graded items still exceeds the minimum number of questions required by industry certification standards.

Refresher Courses

ASNT offers refresher courses based on the same Body of Knowledge to which the ASNT NDT Level III examinations are written. See the ASNT Refresher Course pages to learn more.

Examination Results

Personnel that fail an examination will be sent an analysis sheet showing the percentage of questions missed in each major category of the Body of Knowledge for that examination. Personnel that successfully complete all qualification examinations will be sent an ASNT Level III wall certificate and wallet card showing the applicable test methods but will not receive an analysis sheet.