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Recruiting members today ensures a stronger, more relevant ASNT tomorrow.

Be an ASNT Recruiter and Lead Generator

Be a Recruiter  Be a Lead Generator
Help a colleague further his or her career.

Bring new people with fresh ideas to your section.

Develop a broader professional network for the recruit, your section, ASNT and yourself.
Provide names and contact info of individuals or companies you think should be part of the ASNT community.

Allow us to continue the  connection through our follow up contacts with your referrals using your name to make the connection.

Wondering where to start? View rules and download the forms. Also be sure to check out tips for recruitment.

Get Recognized for Your Efforts

These are our “thank yous” for your efforts and your interest in making Member Up connections for your society. Every recruiter will be recognized on ASNT’s Web site and in Materials Evaluation from the first new member sponsored or the first new referral.

  • Each new individual member (regardless of type) or corporate partner = 50 points
  • Each new individual or company referral with contact information = 10 point
  Opal Recruiter Sapphire Recruiter Emerald Recruiter Diamond Recruiter
Point Total 100-290 Points 300-490 Points 500-740 points 750+ points
Members Recruited  2 new members 6 new members 10 new members 15 new members

ASNT Tumbler

ASNT Umbrella

ASNT Jacket
e-Reader and
$50 ASNT Bucks

Your section benefits as well! Each section has a goal. Sections meeting their goal will each receive $100 in ASNT Bucks as well as recognition on ASNT’s Web site and in Materials Evaluation. 

What is your section's recruitment goal? View the numbers now.

Recognition rewards will be awarded after 31 October 2014.