Exhibit and Sponsor


Exhibiting at an ASNT conference or topical event tradeshow is a productive way to showcase products and services. The annual Fall Conference’s Quality Testing Show is the Society’s largest with attendance averaging 1,500 individuals. Other ASNT tradeshows are geared to targeted audiences. These include the Annual Research Symposium & Spring Conference, as well as Digital Imaging, Aerospace, Smart Materials Technology (SMT) for Bridges & Infrastructure, and International Chemical and Petroleum Industry Inspection Technology (ICPIIT) topical conferences. Learn more about these NDT unique ways to meet customers and prospects face to face.


A sponsorship at an ASNT event increases name awareness and product visibility. Sponsoring companies reach the show floor and beyond to each attendee participating in an event, including NDT decision makers, prospects and customers. Increased visibility through conference sponsorships can be powerful marketing tools. And, ASNT sponsor programs include additional exposure in pre-event promotional materials, print and electronic. The Society provides a variety of sponsorships at each tradeshow. Contact Ruth Staat at rstaat@asnt.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities for your company.