President's Award Standings Report

The President's Award Program is based on point values assigned to various management or operation categories. The categories and point values are established by the SOC Awards Division and reflect section activities important to the section and the Society. Regardless of the size of your section, points within each category are attainable. Tell your section leadership to get involved with the President’s Award Program and get special recognition for your section.

A maximum of 14,750 points can be earned during the program year (July 1st – June 30th).

 Program achievement levels are as follows:
Gold: 10,501 to 14,750 Points
Silver: 8,001 to 10,500 Points
Bronze: 5,500 to 8,000 Points

President's Award Results
Fourth Quarter 2018 - 2019
1 Apr - 30 Jun

Section Level
Chicago GOLD
Greater Houston GOLD
Greater Los Angeles GOLD
Miami Valley GOLD
North Atlantic GOLD
Old Dominion GOLD
Pacific Northwest GOLD
San Diego GOLD
Saudi Arabian GOLD
United Arab Emirates GOLD
Charlotte SILVER
Lewis & Clark SILVER
Rockford Stateline SILVER
Southern Africa SILVER
Air Capital BRONZE
Capital of Texas BRONZE
Central Ohio BRONZE
Cleveland BRONZE
Colorado BRONZE
Connecticut Yankee BRONZE
Detroit BRONZE
Golden Gate BRONZE
Hampton Roads BRONZE
Metro New York / Northern New Jersey BRONZE
Mohawk Hudson BRONZE
Narragansett Bay BRONZE
North Alabama BRONZE
North Texas BRONZE
Pittsburgh BRONZE
South Texas BRONZE
Southwestern Ontario BRONZE
Section Points
Acadiana 5120
Alaska 3500
Arizona 2750
Atlanta 4780
Boston 4600
Central Alabama 4300
Central Savannah River Area 3600
Central Valley 2000
Chattanooga 5350
Columbia River 900
Connecticut Valley 3650
Fort McMurray 1600
German 3200
Great Salt Lake 4400
Greater Philadelphia 2550
Hawaii 3500
Israeli 3600
Kuwait 3950
Minnesota 5135
Missouri Valley 2500
North Carolina Student Section 4050
Northeast Wisconsin 100
Northern New England 4950
Oak Ridge 300
Oklahoma 4150
Oman 2500
Piedmont 5300
Shanghai 4330
Southern Nevada 3600
Susquehanna Valley 5450
Turk 3050
Villahermosa, Mexico 3150

*Point levels are shown for active sections only.